Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Ensure that your car undergoes regular maintenance so that you can have a safe and comfortable time on the road. Champagne Auto Sales – Chris’s General Repairs in Durham, ON offers a variety of auto services, including oil changes and safety inspections.

Our licensed technicians are well-trained in all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance. They have a lot of experience in this field and are capable of working on all makes and models. Some warranties are available on new parts.

Here is the full range of services that we offer. Please note that our hourly rate is $60.

Tire Services
Tires receive a huge amount of wear and tear over time. Having your tires inspected for any damage or defects will prevent them from blowing up while you’re driving.

Brake Services
Your brakes are arguably the most important safety feature of your car. Regularly maintaining your brakes can go a long way in ensuring your safety on the road.

Oil Changes
Oil changes are essential in allowing your engine to perform at its optimal level. You get to clean your engine of dust, dirt, and debris, protecting it from gunk and corrosion.

Safety Inspections
Whether you’re cruising down the freeway or just going to the grocery a block away, you should always make sure your car’s safety features are working. Bring your vehicle to our shop so that we can perform a thorough inspection.

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Car mechanic replacing and pouring fresh oil into engine at maintenance repair service station
Mechanician changing car wheel in auto repair shop

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and comfort.
Call us now at 519-369-8330, or visit our shop to have your vehicle checked.